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Let BitCodeUSA's live chat support take you up and beyond

Drive revenue, boost sales, generate leads and scale support with personal customer messaging on your site and in your app.

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More About Us

Live Chat Monthly Plans


Basic Plan

8 Hours/Day, 7 Days A Week


Medium Plan

16 Hours/Day, 7 Days A Week


Extra Plan

24 Hours/Day, 7 Days A Week


Total number of agents supported by the plan. 1 1 1
(English only) Real-time support via the chat widget on our website
Allows visitors to rate their chat experience
Chats are automatically translated within the Dashboard (powered by Google Translate).
Visitors can send you a message when you are not logged into the Dashboard (or appearing Invisible)
File Sending/Transfer files with visitors
Monitor all visitors on your website right from the Chat Dashboard. View their country of origin, browser, OS, and referrer (30 Days) (30 Days) (30 Days)
Transfer chats between agents and departments:The agent serving a chat can transfer it to another agent or department Contact Us
Triggers let you automatically create actions based on specific criteria - a great way to target high value leads Contact Us
Operating Hours: Ensure you're always available when your customers need you by managing your agents' online/offline status Unlimited Triggers Unlimited Triggers Unlimited Triggers Unlimited Triggers
Chat widget customization: Change the title, color, and position of the chat widget
Advanced widget customization: Change the widget size, message styling, and add an agent avatar
Widget branding for your chat widget
Agent leaderboard: Browse our agent stats, including chats served, completed, response time, average duration, and satisfaction ratings
Installation of Widget
Chatbots (Powered by the Conversations API)Use the Conversations API to integrate chatbots built by you or with a third-party into Chat. Contact Us
Blocked Countries: Hide the Chat Support widget in specific countries.
Provide professional remote maintenance to Customers to fix issues with their product or services
Get it now Get it now Get it now Contact Us

Customer Support Live Chat

We’re here to craft awesome conversations and provide you with a team of world-class experts in chat support so you have one less thing to worry about.

We do it all so you don’t need to worry about anything.We will install chat support button on your site and we will handle the rest. Our business development team will consult with you and understand the nature of your business and your goals.

To ensure visitors become repeat customers, we deliver market-leading customer experiences through live chat agents and chatbots, available 24/7.

One of the key benefits of live chat is the fact that it is there when your customers need it the most. eCommerce is constantly growing with many retailers seeing a shift in the majority of sales occurring online rather than offline.

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What Is Live Chat?

The live chat definition is very simple. It’s an online communication that enables you and your website visitors to chat in real-time.

Online chat is a great alternative to phone calls or emails. All you or your visitors need to do is to type the message inside the chat box and send it. 

Let’s see it in action

Your visitor types in their query using the live chat on your website.

You receive the message and type your response.

Your visitor receives the message.


Feel the benefits of working with us

  • Well-trained chat staff experience in managing live chat requests;
  • Live support solution that perfectly suits your business needs;
  • 24 hour 7-day working schedule;
  • Cost-effective service that lets you save on system maintenance and training staff;
  • Tracking website activity and clear analytics;
  • Proven sales boost, increase of customer service and satisfaction rates.

Personalized for you

Use live chat to grow your business across the customer lifecycle by targeting different audiences with tailored messages.


Amazing Features

24/7 Live Customer Support

Your website never sleeps, and neither do we! When people visit your website outside of normal trading hours, it’s important that they find the answers they need before they give up and search somewhere else. Our agents are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that we are always available when your website visitors need us.

Self-managed Operators

Do you want your own staff to receive leads during office hours? You can! We can set up our live web chat software for your own staff to log in whenever they are available. Our experienced team can act as backup during your office hours, and then take over when you log off at the end of the day. This flexible approach ensures you’re never offline and always available to assist your website visitors.

Engage your web traffic

According to Fireclick Research, the average retail and eCommerce website converts less than 3% of web traffic to a sale or enquiry.  That means that 97% of your website visitors will leave without making contact!  Live chat software allows these visitors seeking answers from your home page to connect with your business through our experienced operators.  The Live Chat Monitoring team will engage with potential customers 24 hours a day and convert them into leads.

Reduce your Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

Advertising is expensive, and when you spend money to get visitors to visit your website it’s important that you maximize the opportunity to convert as many of them into leads and inquiries as possible. With LiveChatMonitoring on your website, you can connect, engage, and convert more of your website traffic into leads and inquiries. This increases your website’s conversion rate, and reduces your cost per acquit.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction


Provide better, faster yet personal service


Improve first time case resolution


Act where and when your customers need support


Real time communication


Adding personal value to your customer


Increase Efficiency

  • Support multiple customers simultaneously
  • Reduce customer service costs
  • Reduce response time with predefined answers
  • Statistics and text logs
  • Increase employee satisfaction

Maximize Sales

  • Turn visitors into customers
  • Increase average order size
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Assist visitors proactively
  • Accelerate the customer’s decision

Superior Security

  • Superior security
  • Encrypted communication
  • Cloud service chat software, nothing to install
  • Complies with international legislation on data protection
  • Data masking ensures that no confidential data is shared