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What we do?

We help Amazon seller fight again the A to Z claims. Depending on the nature of the claim. If you covered your bases in the beginning and did everything right and followed Amazon policies then we will fight the Amazon A to Z claim and not only we can help you get that claim denied , also it will not affect your account health.

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Prevent an A-to-Z Claim on Amazon

Prevention is better than cure. To reduce your risk of an A-Z claim, go through all the items on this list:

  • Update your return policy with realistic and well-thought-through timelines and rules.
  • Make it clear in the return policy that buyers may need to cover return costs themselves.
  • Make sure your customers agree with the terms of your return policy before they return.
  • Dispose of, delist, and blacklist problem items, and report inaccurate listings to Amazon.
  • Improve descriptions and images with precise measurements and accurate details.
  • Optimize shipping, using a tracked service with signature confirmation.
  • Improve warehouse layout and upgrade equipment to avoid shipping errors and mixups.
  • Confirming despatch quickly and upload the tracking number right away.
  • Use safer packaging, keep delivery reports, and switch carriers if problems persist.
  • Limit the number of emails you send to buyers to avoid becoming a nuisance.
  • Respond to emails quickly – especially order status queries-, and with a measured response.


Buyers are generally unaware of the impact a single claim can have on a seller’s performance. It seems Amazon is more concerned with claim deadlines than with mediation. So, the official A-to-Z Guarantee help page has a few time-related pointers for buyers, depending on the issue:

Item Not Received (INR A-Z claim).

Buyers must wait until three days after the item was supposed to be delivered. From this point on, they have 90 days to file a claim, preferably after they contact the seller and wait 48 hours for a reply.

Item Not As Expected.

Buyers should first ask sellers to accept a return or grant a refund. Some are accepted automatically, so buyers forfeit a replacement without even knowing it. Still, if they want to file a claim, they don’t need to wait until the estimated delivery date (or for the return to be accepted, for that matter).

Item Returned But No Refund.

Buyers can only file a claim if the item was returned and tracked. There’s no mention here of providing proof of weight or contents. So, it’s important for sellers to keep a log of what’s been returned.