Every operating software has some unique features by which it becomes popular among the users. Therefore, in order to reach more and more audience and growing business, various companies provide mobile applications on various platforms.


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Cross Platform App can bring fortune to your business as you will be targeting users across different app platforms, BitCodeUSA helps you to decide which platforms will be the best for your product and develop a cross platform app for you. We believe in delivering a service which is cost effective and beneficial for you.

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Cross platform app development allows you to have your app on different application platform without having developed it separately. It saves time and investment for a company by providing app on different platforms. We expertise on developing cross platform apps with all the major cross app development tools such as- Codename One, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Xamarin and more.

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BitCodeUSA has an expert team which is highly skilled with all the technologies for cross platform app development such as Xamarin, RhoMobile, NativeScript, Appcelerator, PhoneGap and many more.


Social Media Integration

Studies shows that apps which comes with social media integration are more popular among the users. It adds convenience in the app in creating ID, logging in, sharing content or information as well.


Consulting services

Glitches are sometimes inevitable in the world of mobile applications. From sorting out a user’s complaint or upgrading your app to keeping your app up to date, we provide you all the consultation you need for your app.


Maintenance and support services

We are here to assist you with our 24/7 maintenance and support services to ensure glitch free functioning of your app.


Mobile apps marketing

If you are finding it hard to get more audience on your mobile app then we are here for you with our premium marketing services. We help you grow the audience on your app providing you the opportunities in increasing your sales.


Mobile apps testing

We conduct an in-depth testing of your app to ensure an error free functioning of your app before submitting it to the app store.


Cross Platform Apps Development Service

BitCodeUSA is a globally recognized brand in the world of mobile app developments. We are extremely skillful with creating apps with impactful presence and designed to deliver the best user experience. We have developed apps for various industries such as ecommerce, news, excitement, entertainment, medical and many more; BitCodeUSA is the best choice for you when it comes to cross platform app development.

BitCodeUSA is here to serve you for all of your mobile app related requirements and we cater the best service for your mobile with our on time delivery policy. We are here to help you grow in your business with our premium mobile app development services.

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